About ProFresh®

What is the ProFresh® Breathcare System?

The ProFresh® Breathcare System was developed by Dr. Jon Richter a Dentist and founder of the Richter Centre for the Treatment of Breath Disorders. 

Globally Trusted

Millions of satisfied customers (over 7.1 million bottles sold) rely on ProFresh®  every day.  They keep coming back because they love the freedom from embarrassment and from isolation. Don’t hide away with bad breath. With ProFresh® you will be free to live life to the fullest.

Clinically Tested

Preclinical testing suggest ProFresh® smashes bad breath!  We invite you to test it for yourself.

Our Mission

Dr. Richter was determined to make ProFresh® available beyond his Philadelphia Treatment Centre.  Following in his footsteps our team focuses on the “care” in oral care.  We’re proud to be the last stop for those who’ve tried everything else.  How do we define success? By the smiles on the faces of our customers, finally free to be themselves.

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