About Dr. Jon Richter DMD, PhD.

Developing a Permanent Solutiondr richter better

In 1992, Dr. Jon L. Richter, a Periodontist in private practice, founded the first U.S. clinic to specifically address the issues of bad breath odor, the Centre for the Treatment of Breath Disorders in Philadelphia. Soon, patients came from near and far seeking treatment for chronic conditions of halitosis. They brought tales of woe after enduring years of stigmatized trauma, but they also brought hope that their conditions might soon be cured. And their optimism was rewarded. Working with patients in a clinical trial study, Dr. Richter discovered that a powerful and safe germicide used in water purification called chlorine dioxide had excellent results when used as an active agent to remove the oral bacteria that cause malodor.

His findings were remarkable

More than 99 percent of the more than 600 patients he treated during the first year the clinic opened found that the chlorine dioxide rinse during treatment following tongue cleaning eliminated their existing condition. Based on the clinical trial and success of his early patients, Dr. Richter received a patent to provide the only mouth rinse containing more than negligible amounts of chlorine dioxide. This unique solution allows those afflicted with bad breath to permanently avoid complications from their condition by following a simple daily regimen. In tandem with a regular brushing and oral hygiene, people who suffer from halitosis may adhere to a quick and easy two-minute breath maintenance program twice a day.

Out of the Dental Surgery and Into the Home

The best news surrounding Dr. Richter’s success is that the chlorine dioxide treatment he established at the Philadelphia Center is now available to bad breath sufferers everywhere. The patented solution is known as the ProFresh® Breath Care System, a complete home maintenance kit that includes the chlorine dioxide oral rinse, a tongue scraper, as well as dental floss and toothbrush. The ProFresh® Breath Care System provides the same effective results in treating halitosis that Dr. Richter and his staff found at the Philadelphia Center. In fact, a scientifically conducted clinical study by Florida-based Hilltop Research showed that the ProFresh® daily regimen was highly effective in treating oral malodor in patients who experienced halitosis.