What is ProFresh®?

ProFresh® is the only patented mouth wash that contains ACTIVATED (Molecular) Chlorine Dioxide which removes odour causing bacteria. The patent awarded to ProFresh’s developer Dr. Richter for ProFresh® excludes any other mouthwash from containing a significant amount of chlorine dioxide. Once odour is controlled with ProFresh® you follow a simple two minute maintenance routine, twice a day, to maintain fresh breath 24 hours a day. The ProFresh® Daily Routine also reduces the amount of “free floating” bacteria in the mouth and consequently the amount of dental plaque, a cause of dental decay and periodontal disease.

We recommend for those of you who have not experienced the benefits of ProFresh® before to use the ProFresh Mini Starter Pack.   This kit will last you approximately 2 weeks and contains the basics to get you on the road to fresh breath.

Contents of the ProFresh® Mini Starter Kit (£18.95)

1 x Bottle of ProFresh® Mouthwash 500ml
2 x ProFresh® A&B Activator Packs – Makes mouth wash EXTRA STRENGTH
1 x ProFresh® Tongue Cleaner and a Quick Start Guide


There are other trial sizes available such as the ProFresh® Starter Kit.

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ProFresh® UK Reviews

I have used ProFresh® for several years in exactly the way the directions prescribe. I am a teacher, and I want to have fresh breath every day and not have any worries about offending colleagues or students with malodorous breath. The product works superbly for fresh breath but also for clean teeth and gums. My dental checkups for the past several years while using ProFresh® reveal hardly any plaque build-up and no cavities. It is a great and dependable product for oral hygiene. Research has shown that clean teeth and preventing gum infection support heart health as well, so there are many excellent reasons to use ProFresh®. I highly recommend it, and was so grateful that someone recommended it to me!  Jane, UK

“Over the course of using the first bottle, my breath just got better and better. My confidence grew stronger and within months I met my wife. My whole life changed….I had the confidence to talk close to my ‘wife to be’ and my business grew from strength to strength as I no longer found it a problem getting close to clients in a sales presentation. I know some people might think ‘Gosh it’s only an oral hygiene product’ but for me, I can truly….hand on heart tell you that ProFresh® changed my life for the better…socially and financially. Thank you Profresh®! R.A, Manchester UK

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