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We Understand Bad Breath, we can help…

You have found us because you have either got issues with your breath or you want to prevent bad breath. You’ve probably tried lots of bad breath products on the market, spent a lot of money on trying to find the solution to bad breath and so far you’ve not found anything that works well.  Maybe someone has pointed out that you have bad breath or have turned away when you speak to them. Do people you talk to or get close to touch their nose or put their hands over their noses when you are talking or breathing near them. We understand. We’ve been there.

Having smelly breath affects every area of your life. 

Work – you avoid the lift and take the stairs, dread meetings or panic when a colleague stands fairly close to you.  You avoid work social events because you are scared that someone will smell your breath.

Friends and family – you look forward to meeting friends and family but dread getting too close in fear of someone noticing your bad breath or commenting on it.

Kids – well what can we say!  Until they develop social skills, they have been known to shout out in front of other people “oohhhh smelly breath!”

Partners –  whether it’s a first date or long term partner, you feel embarrassed when it’s time to kiss.  Even sitting close to someone can make you feel nervous simply because you worry they will be able to smell your breath.

Like we said –  We truly understand and this article is written from the heart, it’s not a paid article like with other brands.

Why makes ProFresh® Different?

ProFresh® contains an important ingredient  –  Activated Molecular Chlorine Dioxide.  Other bad breath products may contain Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide.

“Stabilised chlorine dioxide” rinses were introduced in the 1970’s. They claim they provide the benefits of molecular chlorine dioxide, without any substantiating research. Today we still have “stabilised chlorine dioxide” mouth washes which are marketed with claims that they contain chlorine dioxide although in fact they DO NOT.  Only ProFresh® contains Activated Molecular Chlorine Dioxide and it is so much more effective.  For detailed information on studies and a deeper explanation, please read our article ProFresh vs other mouthwashes

What is ProFresh®?

ProFresh® is the only patented mouth wash that contains ACTIVATED (Molecular) Chlorine Dioxide which removes odour causing bacteria. The patent awarded to ProFresh’s developer Dr. Richter for ProFresh® excludes any other mouthwash from containing a significant amount of chlorine dioxide. Once odour is controlled with ProFresh® you follow a simple two minute maintenance routine, twice a day, to maintain fresh breath 24 hours a day. The ProFresh® Daily Routine also reduces the amount of “free floating” bacteria in the mouth and consequently the amount of dental plaque, a cause of dental decay and periodontal disease.

What ProFresh® Product should you start with?

We recommend for those of you who have not experienced the benefits of ProFresh® before to use the ProFresh Mini Starter Pack.   This kit will last you approximately 2 weeks and contains the basics to get you on the road to fresh breath.

Contents of the ProFresh® Mini Starter Kit (£18.95)

1 x Bottle of ProFresh® Mouthwash 500ml
2 x ProFresh® A&B Activator Packs – Makes mouth wash EXTRA STRENGTH
1 x ProFresh® Tongue Cleaner and a Quick Start Guide


There are other trial sizes available such as the ProFresh® Starter Kit.

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ProFresh® Reviews

“ProFresh works superbly for fresh breath”

I have used ProFresh® for several years in exactly the way the directions prescribe. I am a teacher, and I want to have fresh breath every day and not have any worries about offending colleagues or students with malodorous breath. The product works superbly for fresh breath but also for clean teeth and gums. My dental checkups for the past several years while using ProFresh® reveal hardly any plaque build-up and no cavities. It is a great and dependable product for oral hygiene. Research has shown that clean teeth and preventing gum infection support heart health as well, so there are many excellent reasons to use ProFresh®. I highly recommend it, and was so grateful that someone recommended it to me!  Jane, UK

“ProFresh® changed my life for the better”

“Over the course of using the first bottle, my breath just got better and better. My confidence grew stronger and within months I met my wife. My whole life changed….I had the confidence to talk close to my ‘wife to be’ and my business grew from strength to strength as I no longer found it a problem getting close to clients in a sales presentation. I know some people might think ‘Gosh it’s only an oral hygiene product’ but for me, I can truly….hand on heart tell you that ProFresh® changed my life for the better…socially and financially. Thank you Profresh®! R.A, Manchester UK

My ten year fight against halitosis is over.

I had the most horrendous halitosis for at least 10 years and nothing would shift it. I had to avoid coffee and alcohol as those made my foul breath even worse. I had excellent oral hygiene yet nothing could eliminate my halitosis.
I tried every make of so-called breather fresheners I could find, from home and abroad. I visited clinics, talked to experts, spent over two thousand pounds on products and ‘treatments’ that simply failed to work for me.
I discovered and tried ProFresh after extensive research told me to start by looking for an oral hygiene product which used Chlorine Dioxide as its active ingredient.  ProFresh to the rescue, as I was astonished to find that it worked!

I can go on holidays and sit next to people at the dinner table, I can drink alcohol and coffee and talk in front of people, all this without them recoiling from me with a look of disgust on their face.   This stuff actually WORKS! I am never without it.    R.  UK

I have tried virtually every product…

I have tried virtually every product going for bad breath. For years I have suffered, and it is not very pleasant, I can tell you. From dentists to doctors,and have spent an awful lot of money, trying to cure it, or at least, find out what it is thats causing me such misery. I had all but given up, and I read about ProFresh on line, place an order and tried it. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, I really can’t fault the product at all ,it really does what it says, but follow the instructions, and there will be no problem .I could go on and on praising it, and would urge anyone with really bad breath to use it. The delivery was first class, all in all, excellent all round. Cannot say enough about it.  JE, UK

“The cleanest breath I have ever experienced”

I have used ProFresh for a number of years, probably around 10, and would not even consider giving it up. This is the best oral product I have ever used. The product absolutely delivers and provides me with the cleanest breath I have ever experienced. I have confidence when being in close proximity with others, COVID-19 aside, and that confidence is invaluable. There is no other product that I’m aware of that comes close to providing what ProFresh does as far as my oral cleanliness is concerned. Thank you for an amazing product!   Denise, USA

“Once I started using ProFresh the bad breath was completely gone”

I started using ProFresh over 20 years ago and I swear by this product. I had terrible bad breath and was very embarrassed. Once I started using ProFresh the bad breath was completely gone and my self confidence was certainly much improved. I highly recommend ProFresh. Give it a try. I know you will be delighted with the long lasting results. Phyllis, USA

“If you have extreme halitosis, this is your answer”

I have been experiencing bad breath since childhood and I have tried everything possible to get rid of it. I brushed every 4 hours, I chewed gums, mints, and noting worked. Nobody wanted to talk to me in a close range or tell me a secret. I started shying away from people and stopped engaging in talk. Some people made fun of me and called me names. At the work place, it was worst until few days ago when I discover this product. It is a life saver. I even thought of suicide and all. this product is the best. It works miracle. It is effective and excellent. If you have extreme halitosis, this is your answer.  MK, USA