Can Bad Breath be Smelt or Tasted whilst Kissing? (16/04/24)

Can Bad Breath be Tasted or Smelt whilst Kissing?

Many people who suffer from bad breath may wonder whether the person they are kissing can smell their breath. We hope to help find the answer to that.

Kissing isn’t just a physical act, multiple senses are involved such as taste and smell.

So can the person you are kissing smell your breath?

Understanding Taste and Smell

Taste and smell are very closely interlinked. When we eat, drink or breathe in through our nose, tiny receptors pick up on molecules. These receptors send signals to our brains to create the sensation that we interpret as taste and smell.

Whilst kissing, your noses are close together and your breath will no doubt be part of the same air space as the nostrils of the person you are kissing. Unfortunately its highly likely they will be able to smell it.

Can someone Taste my Bad Breath whilst Kissing?

Our taste buds can detect certain flavours and bad breath can sometimes be tasted during a kiss particularly if someone has strong or offensive breath. The food and drink you have consumed will also have an impact on whether your breath smells and can therefore be tasted. For example eating garlic or onions can make one’s breath smell very strong. Smoking makes your mouth taste like an ashtray and drinking alcohol dries your mouth out which can also cause bad breath.

What can you do to stop your partner smelling bad breath whilst kissing?

  1. Stay hydrated – drink water to prevent dry mouth and wash away bacteria.
  • Have good oral hygiene – brush teeth and rinse with mouthwash twice a day and floss once a day too. Tongue scraping is also vital to your oral care routine – on the back of most people’s tongues is a layer of mucus where food debris and bacteria will get stuck. Read here to find out more about how important tongue scraping is.
  • Use an effective mouthwash – rinsing with a good mouthwash (like ProFresh Mouthwash) will not only help get rid of the bad bacteria but can reach those hard to reach places.
  • Diet – if you know you are going to be getting up close and personal then watch what you eat! Avoid spicy or strong smelling foods beforehand. If you are drinking alcohol, then try and drink water in between drinks to keep your mouth hydrated. You could always keep a mini spray bottle of mouthwash with you ready for those romantic moments!
  • Regular Dental or Hygienist appointments – this is SO important. Make sure you visit your Dentist regularly for check-ups so you can maintain good oral hygiene.

To summarise, yes bad breath can have an unwelcome presence whilst kissing. It’s more likely the smell of the bad breath will be an issue than the taste (unless you’ve been eating spicy foods or smoking). Taking good care of your oral health at all times will stop the anxiety of these intimate moments with your partner.

They say communication is important but bad breath is a subject that none of us really want to talk about quite frankly. If you are the person who suffers with bad breath then follow our tips above to ensure you have fresh breath but if it’s your partner with bad breath, that could be more tricky. That might well make for another blog post! Read How to Tell Someone they have Bad Breath