Can Talking Too Much cause Bad Breath?

Anything that dehydrates the mouth will increase the risk of bad breath as saliva helps wash away odour-causing bacteria or cells.  That’s why mouth odour is worse in the morning because saliva flow has been reduced during the night.  Bad breath is more common in those who breathe through the mouth too.

Talking a lot is another cause of bad breath, it exposes the mouth to air, drying out saliva. Those in professions that are more vocal such as teachers, lawyers and people working in call centres are prone to suffering from bad mouth odour.

There is a simple solution, you can just sip water throughout the day to keep the mouth moist.  This provides more favourable conditions that will help slow down the growth of bad bacteria.

Saliva flow is reduced as we get older and bad breath often gets worse with age.  Your doctor can prescribe you sprays or lozenges to help promote saliva flow.

Keeping the mouth moist with sipping water and using a mouthwash like ProFresh that kills bad bacteria can help anyone suffering from bad breath.  We would recommend those in the above mentioned professions keep the ProFresh Quick Spray to hand during the day as well as a bottle of water to sip from.