How to Overcome Social Anxiety due to Bad Breath (08/07/24)

How to Overcome Social Anxiety due to Bad Breath

And how ProFresh Mouthwash can help…

People can feel social anxiety for many reasons; lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, trauma etc but did you know that it’s possible to suffer social anxiety due to having or fearing you have bad breath.

Worrying about bad breath can lead to anxiety that can affect both personal and professional relationships. We’d like to explore how you can overcome anxiety and get your confidence back.

What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is an overwhelming fear of social situations. You can feel fear about starting face to face conversations at work or socially, going to parties, work meetings and even going shopping.  The physical symptoms are your heart may race and you could suffer palpitations, your mouth gets dry (which makes bad breath worse!), you could blush or sweat. Mentally you are convinced people are judging you or whispering about you. When you think you have bad breath social anxiety is even more difficult to deal with as you probably feel you can’t tell anybody your fears.

Ways to Cope with Social Anxiety

  1. Mindfulness and relaxation – including deep breathing and meditation.
  2. Professional support – Consider help from a therapist who can provide you with tools to cope with social situations.
  3. Positive Self-Talk – When you hear negative thoughts in your head challenge them and defend yourself from those negative thoughts with positive ones.
  4. Gradual Exposure –  Slowly build up to social events by starting with one or two people and working your way up.
  5. Live healthily – get sleep, eat healthily, exercise (which is a great stress reliever) and avoid alcohol (which dries out the mouth AND can cause anxiety).

Last but not least – if your social anxiety is related to bad breath then ProFresh can help.

ProFresh Mouthwash is formulated to get rid of bad breath, not just mask it. Unlike other mouthwashes that provide temporary relief, ProFresh ensures your breath stays fresh for hours.

Using ProFresh twice a day ensures your breath stays fresh giving you the confidence to walk into a room and not have to worry about covering your mouth with your hand or standing back from people. We even have a ProFresh Mini Refresher Bottle that’s small enough to keep in your small bag or pocket should you need that extra confidence boost.