Ceplac Dental Disclosing Tablets – 12 tablets


Reveals plaque left behind after brushing.

Helps  improve dental hygiene

Encourages development of a good brushing routine for both adults and children



Ceplac Disclosing Tablets help enhance your brushing technique to ensure your teeth are REALLY clean.

Plaque is an invisible film of sugars and bacteria that build up on the surface of the teeth.  If this plaque is not cleaned away, it produces acid which leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

When chewed, Ceplac Disclosing Tablets reveal plaque left behind after brushing, which shows you the areas on your teeth that you are missing when you are brushing. These disclosing tablets are ideal for developing a good brushing regime in both adults and children.   When trying these tablets out on some family friends, we noticed that the child that used an electric toothbrush had a lot less plaque than the child that used a manual toothbrush – take note!

Using Ceplac Disclosing Tablets help improve dental hygiene and bring a confident smile back to your face!

Contains Erythrosine 6mg

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