ProFresh® Maintenance 2 Kit – 2 month supply



4 x Bottles of ProFresh® 500ml Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash
4 x ProFresh A&B Activator Packs
1 x Tongue Cleaner



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4 Bottle / 2 month supply Contents:

  • 4 x Bottles of ProFresh® 500 ml Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash
  • 4 x ProFresh® A&B Activator Packs
  • 1 x ProFresh® Tongue Cleaner

Once you’ve discovered the freedom that comes with fresh breath, you’ll want to maintain that fresh feeling! Each bottle of ProFresh® last 2 weeks when used as directed.

ProFresh® was developed by a dentist and is completely alcohol free, so it won’t dry your mouth out (which is a cause of bad breath). It doesn’t contain any added flavours or scents to disguise its unparalleled power.

We know how hard it is to live with chronic bad breath that’s why we have made sure using the  ProFresh® Breathcare System is easy, simple to understand and takes just 2 minutes.

ProFresh® helps to deliver fresh breath. With ProFresh®  you have nothing to lose but your anxiety over bad breath!

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