FV, London

I have a very busy social life which includes mixing with VIPs but I also have the embarrassing condition of halitosis which I have lived with for many years. Having bad breath has affected me badly as I had not been able to find a solution.

I read that bad breath is caused by bacteria and some people have more bacteria in their mouth then others. Over the years I have visited many dentists regarding my bad breath and also gastroenterologists to see if the issue was coming from the stomach. They all said everything was fine and they couldn’t help me.

So I tried a lot of oral care products, every one on the market. I did everything I could to improve my oral hygiene including flossing every day. Unfortunately all the products I tried were relatively useless.

When I first discovered ProFresh, I didn’t follow the instructions properly and stopped using it. When I rediscovered it some time later I followed the instructions carefully and I was surprised at the difference it made, it was definitely the best product on the market.

I am now less conscious of halitosis being a problem. It was adversely affecting my daily life. The improvement in my breath is continuous and I intend to continue using it both for a prevention and cure.

This is a first class product which lives up to all of its promises. I have no hesitation in recommending it and I always make sure I have enough products to ensure I don’t run out!