R.A, Manchester UK

I became aware of having bad breath when I was in my early teens. At school, children are not always the kindest and make you aware of your embarrassing problem. Over the years I tried to control it with different oral products but none had an effect longer than a few hours.

I became reliant on mints and chewing gum. Relationships were out of the question. If I had no mints or gum I would avoid talking to anyone.

In late 2005 I read about ProFresh. Being in the UK I was reluctant to buy from the US but decided to give it a shot. My package arrived in January 2006. I opened the parcel and read the instructions carefully. Not having much trust in the product due to past experiences with other products I reluctantly followed the directions to a ‘T’ that evening and went to sleep. The next morning I did the ProFresh routine again and went for breakfast.

I had my breakfast and my mouth felt different. Everything felt different and I went about my day. Normally I could smell my own breath when I would test it by blowing into my hand or licking my hand and smelling it. This time I could smell nothing when I blew into my closed palm or licked my hand. I still remember that feeling of feeling free.

Over the course of using the first bottle my breath just got better and better. My confidence grew stronger and within months I met my wife. My whole life changed….I had the confidence to talk close to my ‘wife to be’ and my business grew from strength to strength as I no longer found it a problem getting close to clients in a sales presentation.

I know some people might think ‘Gosh it’s only an oral hygiene product’ but for me, I can truly….hand on heart tell you that ProFresh changed my life for the better…socially and financially.

Thank you Profresh!

I cannot recommend ProFresh highly enough. I have been using it religiously for 10 years and have been ‘bad breath’ free ever since. The difference is immediate. One thing I do recommend is that you add flossing to your daily oral hygiene routine.

Recently ProFresh have taken on a UK distributor which is ideal and great for saving on those international shipping costs.


Manchester, UK