I have used ProFresh for several years in exactly the way the directions prescribe. I am a teacher, and I want to have fresh breath every day and not have any worries about offending colleagues or students with malodorous breath. The product works superbly for fresh breath but also for clean teeth and gums. My dental checkups for the past several years while using ProFresh reveal hardly any plaque build-up and no cavities. It is a great and dependable product for oral hygiene. Research has shown that clean teeth and preventing gum infection support heart health as well, so there are many excellent reasons to use ProFresh. I highly recommend it, and was so grateful that someone recommended it to me!


I used to use breath mints all day long and have tried all different kinds of breath fresheners, but none seemed to work. I work closely with individuals, and have always been self-conscious about my bad breath. When I saw ProFresh online, I decided to try it. I asked all my friends who would tell me the truth, and I was so surprised when they told me I didn’t have the bad breath anymore! This is one product that does what it claims to do.

Ollie, Australia

Have you tried ProFresh? Well, I have and let me tell you it is AMAZING! The only downside is we can’t find it in Australia, and the only way of getting this product is by ordering online.It is MAGIC and I love it

I am more confident now about kissing my partner at anytime and talking to anyone within close distance and I can feel the difference. I got my sister and brothers to use it too. Thanks PROFRESH.

RH, Southampton

I have suffered from tonsil stones for years, it’s caused by my post nasal drip and the food that collects and gets stuck in my tonsil pits. I have tried other products and liked them but found that for the best results I had to use a few products from the range which can be costly. After trying ProFresh for the first time, the taste had a hint of chlorine to it but the fact I could brush my teeth AFTER using the mouth wash meant I got rid of the mild chlorine taste. I liked the “cleansed” sensation I had in my mouth afterwards. Now after using the product for a week my mouth feels cleaner and a tonsil stone which came free today seemed different in texture, more softer. Am going to continue using ProFresh to see if it can stop my tonsil stones altogether.

RH, Southampton

FV, London

I have a very busy social life which includes mixing with VIPs but I also have the embarrassing condition of halitosis which I have lived with for many years. Having bad breath has affected me badly as I had not been able to find a solution.

I read that bad breath is caused by bacteria and some people have more bacteria in their mouth then others. Over the years I have visited many dentists regarding my bad breath and also gastroenterologists to see if the issue was coming from the stomach. They all said everything was fine and they couldn’t help me.

So I tried a lot of oral care products, every one on the market. I did everything I could to improve my oral hygiene including flossing every day. Unfortunately all the products I tried were relatively useless.

When I first discovered ProFresh, I didn’t follow the instructions properly and stopped using it. When I rediscovered it some time later I followed the instructions carefully and I was surprised at the difference it made, it was definitely the best product on the market.

I am now less conscious of halitosis being a problem. It was adversely affecting my daily life. The improvement in my breath is continuous and I intend to continue using it both for a prevention and cure.

This is a first class product which lives up to all of its promises. I have no hesitation in recommending it and I always make sure I have enough products to ensure I don’t run out!

FV, London

CS, Reading

For as long as I can remember I have always suffered from tonsil stones and had a coating on my tongue. I feel it’s caused by the leftovers of the food and drink I consume. I have tried other products in the past but found ProFresh to be excellent at helping my embarrassing condition.

CS, Reading

R.A, Manchester UK

I became aware of having bad breath when I was in my early teens. At school, children are not always the kindest and make you aware of your embarrassing problem. Over the years I tried to control it with different oral products but none had an effect longer than a few hours.

I became reliant on mints and chewing gum. Relationships were out of the question. If I had no mints or gum I would avoid talking to anyone.

In late 2005 I read about ProFresh. Being in the UK I was reluctant to buy from the US but decided to give it a shot. My package arrived in January 2006. I opened the parcel and read the instructions carefully. Not having much trust in the product due to past experiences with other products I reluctantly followed the directions to a ‘T’ that evening and went to sleep. The next morning I did the ProFresh routine again and went for breakfast.

I had my breakfast and my mouth felt different. Everything felt different and I went about my day. Normally I could smell my own breath when I would test it by blowing into my hand or licking my hand and smelling it. This time I could smell nothing when I blew into my closed palm or licked my hand. I still remember that feeling of feeling free.

Over the course of using the first bottle my breath just got better and better. My confidence grew stronger and within months I met my wife. My whole life changed….I had the confidence to talk close to my ‘wife to be’ and my business grew from strength to strength as I no longer found it a problem getting close to clients in a sales presentation.

I know some people might think ‘Gosh it’s only an oral hygiene product’ but for me, I can truly….hand on heart tell you that ProFresh changed my life for the better…socially and financially.

Thank you Profresh!

I cannot recommend ProFresh highly enough. I have been using it religiously for 10 years and have been ‘bad breath’ free ever since. The difference is immediate. One thing I do recommend is that you add flossing to your daily oral hygiene routine.

Recently ProFresh have taken on a UK distributor which is ideal and great for saving on those international shipping costs.


Manchester, UK

I do not have a bad breath problem anymore

I had suffered from mild halitosis since puberty. Before using ProFresh I was very self-conscious of my breath around other people and it made me nervous. I also chewed chewing gum excessively to try and hide my breath which was bad for my teeth and my stomach.

I tried other mouthwashes and other chlorine based products, they were ok but they did not get rid of the bad breath completely.

I then tried ProFresh and found it very easy to use and from my friend’s and families feedback, I no longer have a breath problem.

I have been using ProFresh for 20 years now and I love the product!

M.B., Europe.



ProFresh started working straight away

“I had used other well known mouthwashes for a few years but I did not feel that the results were as good as they should be.

Once I found out about ProFresh, how it works and how important it is to use mouthwash before brushing I realised I had to try it.  ProFresh started working straight away and I have had consistent reliable results ever since.  Also, it makes my whole oral routine much easier and I have noticed that even thought I am lucky enough to have healthy teeth and gums, the solution has definitely given me a boost in terms of having a healthy clean mouth.  I am very pleased”.     P.L.

Best Mouthwash Ever

Having suffered with gum disease and frequent breath problems, I was very eager to try this mouthwash.

I have been through Listerine, CB12, Therabreath etc. Probably, most of the pharmaceutical ones over the counter. None of them worked for long. Most dried my mouth out and made the problem worse.

I recently purchased ProFresh on their UK website, in desperation. Within 2 days my breath was noticeably fresh. I never longer had people turning away, when I spoke.

ProFresh has a mild chlorine taste. Nothing strong and stinging, like some. It’s absolutely important, that you use a tongue scraper to get rid of the mucky coating that causes the odour, from the back of the tongue to the tip.

The mouthwash comes with 2 activator sachets. You can use 1 or 2. I used 2, but found it too strong. I now spend less time using the mouthwash as I generally have sensitive gums.

I don’t think I will use any other mouthwash after this. Thank you ProFresh❤


For over a decade I had horrendous breath, people would cringe and back off from me….

For over a decade I had horrendous breath, people would cringe and back off from me when I talked to them, especially where I was seated next to people or talking face to face.

Drinking coffee and alcohol made it a whole lot worse.  My condition badly affected my confidence and I avoided social occasions where I was likely to need to talk to people.

Over the years I spent a small fortune trying different mouth freshener products, even sending off overseas for well marketed products which turned out to be useless. Despite having excellent oral hygiene my bad breath refused to go away.

Only three years ago I found ProFresh after an extensive web search. I bought some and used it and immediately noticed people were no longer turning away from me in revulsion when I talked to them. ProFresh is the first and only oral hygiene product which has REALLY worked for me. I will never be without it!


Using ProFresh for 20 years

I’ve been using ProFresh for 20 years. I’ve tried alternatives, but there simply is no substitute.  Ryan E.

Entire mouth benefiting from ProFresh!

I am a firm believer in ProFresh and now use it 2x per day, every day. Not only do I have fresh breath 24/7, but my hygienist also feels that my entire mouth is benefiting from ProFresh. Russ N.

ProFresh in a league of its own

I love this ProFresh mouthwash. I have tried others but this is in a league of its own. It does the job and does not leave my mouth with a medicine taste.   Patricia C.