Get rid of bad breath and regain your Confidence with ProFresh®!

  • Have you tried lots of mouthwashes over the years?
  • Have you been trying to find the solution to bad breath and so far you’ve not found anything that works?
  • Has someone has pointed out you have bad breath?
  • Do people turn away when you speak to them or touch their noses when you are talking or breathing near them?

When you suffer from bad breath, all social situations can be difficult and work is yet another place that your confidence can suffer.

Bad Breath in the work place

Do you avoid the lift and take the stairs?

Dread meetings or panic when a colleague stands fairly close to you?

Avoid work social events because you are scared that someone will smell your breath?

Trust us, we understand.

First impressions last

“There is not a second chance to give a first impression” words said by Angeles de la Flor an organisational psychologist. He continues. “We all know the enormous rejection that unpleasant breath can cause us to face. In this way, halitosis may mean that we aren’t ensured a promotion, or that new doors aren’t opened for us in the workplace, but the lack of “neatness” (oral care) that is associated with halitosis can end up playing a trick on us to make us become the object of mockery or discrimination in our professional environment”.

Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? Actually if we suffer from bad breath it can cause crippling anxiety in both social and work situations so it can feel like it’s preventing us leading a full work and social life. It’s also frustrating as you may have the best oral care routine and your breath still has a bad smell. Others may automatically assume that your oral hygiene is poor but often this is not the case. So the first thing to do is make sure your oral care routine is working for you.

How can ProFresh® Help?

Dr. Jon Richter, dentist and founder of the Richter Centre for the Treatment of Breath Disorders, developed the ProFresh® Breath Care System which works 24/7 to combat bad breath.

Clinically Tested

Pre-clinical testing suggests ProFresh® smashes bad breath! We know it’s always good to hear customers recommending a product so please take your time to read our ProFresh® customer reviews below.

Globally Trusted

Millions of satisfied customers (over 7.1 million bottles sold) rely on ProFresh® every day. They keep coming back, because they love the freedom from embarrassment, from isolation. Don’t be paralysed by bad breath. With ProFresh®, you’re finally free to live life to the fullest.

ProFresh® Customer Reviews

No more worries about offending colleagues

I have used ProFresh® for several years in exactly the way the directions prescribe. I am a teacher, and I want to have fresh breath every day and not have any worries about offending colleagues or students with malodorous breath. The product works superbly for fresh breath but also for clean teeth and gums. My dental checkups for the past several years while using ProFresh® reveal hardly any plaque build-up and no cavities. It is a great and dependable product for oral hygiene. Research has shown that clean teeth and preventing gum infection support heart health as well, so there are many excellent reasons to use ProFresh®. I highly recommend it, and was so grateful that someone recommended it to me! Jane

“ProFresh® changed my life for the better”

“Over the course of using the first bottle, my breath just got better and better. My confidence grew stronger and within months I met my wife. My whole life changed….I had the confidence to talk close to my ‘wife to be’ and my business grew from strength to strength as I no longer found it a problem getting close to clients in a sales presentation. I know some people might think ‘Gosh it’s only an oral hygiene product’ but for me, I can truly….hand on heart tell you that ProFresh® changed my life for the better…socially and financially. Thank you Profresh®!  R.A, Manchester UK

“The improvement in my breath is continuous

I have a very busy social life which includes mixing with VIPs but I also have the embarrassing condition of halitosis which I have lived with for many years. Having bad breath has affected me badly as I had not been able to find a solution.

I read that bad breath is caused by bacteria and some people have more bacteria in their mouth then others. Over the years I have visited many dentists regarding my bad breath and also gastroenterologists to see if the issue was coming from the stomach. They all said everything was fine and they couldn’t help me.

So I tried a lot of oral care products, every one on the market. I did everything I could to improve my oral hygiene including flossing every day. Unfortunately all the products I tried were relatively useless.

When I first discovered ProFresh®, I didn’t follow the instructions properly and stopped using it. When I rediscovered it some time later I followed the instructions carefully and I was surprised at the difference it made, it was definitely the best product on the market.

I am now less conscious of halitosis being a problem. It was adversely affecting my daily life. The improvement in my breath is continuous and I intend to continue using it both for a prevention and cure.

This is a first class product which lives up to all of its promises. I have no hesitation in recommending it and I always make sure I have enough products to ensure I don’t run out! F.V, London

Do you want Fresh Breath now?

We have 2 trial options for those who have not experienced the benefits of ProFresh® before. We recommend your first bottle of ProFresh® is an extra strength solution which jump starts the fresh breath process.

ProFresh® Professional Kit (2 week supply)

1 x bottle of ProFresh Mouthwash 500ml
2 x ProFresh A&B Activator Packs
1 x ProFresh Tongue Cleaner and
1 x Mini Quick Spray Bottle (empty) ideal to keep in your pocket or bag

ProFresh® Starter Kit (1 month supply)

2 x bottles of ProFresh Mouthwash 500ml
3 x ProFresh A&B Activator Packs
1 x ProFresh Tongue Cleaner
1 x Mini Quick Spray Bottle (empty) ideal to keep in your pocket or bag
1 x ProFresh Starter Guide

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