Get rid of bad breath and regain your Confidence with ProFresh!

  • Have you tried lots of mouthwashes over the years?
  • Have you been trying to find the solution to bad breath and so far you’ve not found anything that works?
  • Has someone has pointed out you have bad breath?
  • Do people turn away when you speak to them or touch their noses when you are talking or breathing near them?

Trust us, we understand.

How can ProFresh Help?

Dr. Jon Richter, dentist and founder of the Richter Centre for the Treatment of Breath Disorders, developed the ProFresh Breath Care System which works 24/7 to combat bad breath.

Clinically Tested

Pre-clinical testing suggests ProFresh smashes bad breath! We know it’s always good to hear customers recommending a product so please take your time to read our ProFresh customer reviews below.

Globally Trusted

Millions of satisfied customers (over 7.1 million bottles sold) rely on ProFresh every day. They keep coming back, because they love the freedom from embarrassment, from isolation. Don’t be paralysed by bad breath. With ProFresh, you’re finally free to live life to the fullest.

ProFresh Customer Reviews

My ten year fight against halitosis is over.

I had the most horrendous halitosis for at least 10 years and nothing would shift it. I had to avoid coffee and alcohol as those made my foul breath even worse. I had excellent oral hygiene yet nothing could eliminate my halitosis.

I tried every make of so-called breather fresheners I could find, from home and abroad. I visited clinics, talked to experts, spent over two thousand pounds on products and ‘treatments’ that simply failed to work for me.
I discovered and tried ProFresh after extensive research told me to start by looking for an oral hygiene product with a particular active ingredient. I was astonished to find that it worked! ProFresh to the rescue!

I can go on holidays and sit next to people at the dinner table, I can drink alcohol and coffee and talk in front of people, all this without them recoiling from me with a look of disgust on their face.   This stuff actually WORKS! I am never without it.    R.  UK

I have tried virtually every product…

I have tried virtually every product going for bad breath. For years I have suffered, and it is not very pleasant, I can tell you. From dentists to doctors, I have spent an awful lot of money, trying to cure it, or at least, find out what it is that is causing me such misery. I had all but given up, and I read about ProFresh online, placed an order and tried it. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, I really can’t fault the product at all, it really does what it says, but follow the instructions, and there will be no problem. I could go on and on praising it, and would urge anyone with really bad breath to use it. The delivery was first class, all in all, excellent all round. Cannot say enough about it.  JE, UK

Do you want Fresh Breath now?

We have 2 trial options for those who have not experienced the benefits of ProFresh before. We recommend your first bottle of ProFresh is an extra strength solution which jump starts the fresh breath process.

ProFresh Mini Starter Kit (2 week supply)

1 x bottle of ProFresh Mouthwash 500ml
2 x ProFresh A&B Activator Packs (making an extra strength formulation)
1 x ProFresh Tongue Cleaner and
1 x Quick Start Instruction Guide

ProFresh Starter Kit (1 month supply)

2 x bottles of ProFresh Mouthwash 500ml
3 x ProFresh A&B Activator Packs (making first bottle an extra strength formulation)
1 x ProFresh Tongue Cleaner and
1 x Quick Start Instruction Guide

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