About Tongue Cleaning

Tongue cleaning is an essential element of daily oral hygiene.

Why Clean Your Tongue? Biofilm.

Several scientific studies have shown that regular tongue cleaning markedly reduces the amount of these disease-producing bacteria that accumulate around the teeth in dental plaque. Dental plaque is directly responsible for tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Because personal impressions and health are so important to most of us, tongue cleaning should become routine in our oral hygiene.

In most people the back surface of the tongue has a thick mucus coating that contains food debris and billions of bacteria. This coating is not removed during swallowing and is little affected by mouth rinses. The bacteria and debris in the tongue coating putrefy and produce the foul-smelling sulphur gases that are responsible for bad breath. According to one scientific study 50% of people who do not practice tongue cleaning have some degree of regularly detectable VSCs and bad breath. Many studies have shown that proper tongue cleaning eliminates or considerably reduces bad breath.

The ProFresh® Tongue CleanerProFresh Tongue Scraper

Developed through thousands of clinical trials, the ProFresh® Tongue Cleaner provides superior tongue and oral cleaning, removing large amounts of dead tissue. Unlike metal cleaners, ours can be used with a single hand, and it won’t cut your tongue. It’s thin and flexible to allow access to the back of the tongue, (where the biofilm layer is located) and minimises the gag reflex.

The ProFresh® Tongue Cleaner  incorporates an angled, fan-shaped cleaning head, to promote maximum contact with the tongue. This allows the Tongue Cleaner to sweep the tongues ridges, ensuring that all food particles, dead skin cells, and odour causing bacteria are removed.

Effective Tongue Cleaning: Directions

To properly clean your tongue with the ProFresh® Tongue Cleaner, place the fan-shaped cleaning edge on the very back of your tongue, making sure the angled edge is facing down. Hold the Tongue Cleaner firmly again your tongue and pull it forward.

Repeat 3-6 times, rinsing your mouth and the tongue cleaner with water each time. Be sure to clean the sides of your tongue as well as the middle to remove all biofilm.

Extend your tongue as much as possible. This will help reach the row of small-bumps that lie at the back of the tongue.

At first, tongue cleaning may activate your gag reflex. After getting comfortable with the routine this reflex will subside. To ease initial discomfort, pull the tip of your tongue forward and hold while scraping, this will eliminate gagging.

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