Bad Breath

Having bad breath can have either a minimal impact on your social life or it can be devastating.

Bad breath can limit personal relationships, whether that be a partner, friend or family. Sufferers worry about what other people think of them, as halitosis is often wrongly connected to poor oral hygiene. This will lead to the sufferer avoiding close contact with other people. Some people may even avoid social events and keep a “safe distance” from other people when talking to them. Others may cover their mouth whilst talking.


Those affected by bad breath will experience anxiety whenever confronted with a social setting, they will avoid talking face to face with people and avoid situations where they have to be close or sit close to other people.

“I sit and suck mints and pray no-one talks to me”

One of our customers told us how she dreaded every event she had to attend at her kids school. “I dread the school plays where you have to sit next to other parents”. I sit and suck mints the whole way through and pray no-one talks to me”. “I must come across as very rude and standoffish as I try not to engage with other parents because of how bad my breath is”.

“When the make-up artist got close to me, I held my breath!”

A young lady called us to say that she was desperate to get rid of her bad breath. The event that finally forced her to do something about it was when she went into a department store to have her make up done. “My boyfriend had arranged for me to have a makeover for my birthday and gave me some vouchers for a trendy make up bar in a department store”. The first thing I thought was “Oh no I have to have someone else right in my face!”. I made sure I drank lots of water and kept chewing gum but when the make-up artist got really close to my face I held my breath. At one point I thought I was going to pass out because I hadn’t taken a proper breath for nearly a minute”. The make up artist spotted that I was looking dizzy and I blamed it on being claustrophobic. She took a step back after that to give me some space but that made me realise I needed to get to the bottom of this problem instead of ignoring it or masking it with gum”.

Some people chose never to go out and this affects a persons mental and physical health and wellbeing. Sufferers don’t just avoid social situations in their personal life but their work life too. Networking with your employers is another important part of your career path and those with bad breath will avoid this at all costs therefore affecting their professional lives as well as their personal.

An employee from a bank in the city of London told us that he had to go to the doctors because he spent so much time chewing gum to cover up his bad breath. “Having a drink after work with customers or colleagues was very much part of my job and of course alcohol dries my mouth out making my breath worse. So I get through 3 packets of gum a day to try and cover up my bad breath. I started getting stomach cramps so had to see a doctor. When he asked about my lifestyle, he eventually came to the conclusion that chewing gum all day long had caused my to have stomach cramps and that if I wasn’t careful I would end up with stomach ulcers”. We are happy to say that now this guy uses ProFresh, he doesn’t need to spend all day chewing gum!

A survey on people with halitosis reported that 34% of participants were hesitant about speaking to others and 12.6% completely avoided others. Bad breath is a huge social issue, it causes embarrassment and creates a social barrier between themselves and their loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues.

If you suffer from bad breath or halitosis, read more about the causes of bad breath and how to get rid of bad breath on our other pages. If you wish to buy ProFresh to eliminate this embarrassing issue, go straight to our ProFresh Shop.